About Crazy Mom Quotes

I am a mom of 3 ranging from 21 years to 10 years old. I realized early on in my mothering journey that there are many things you can only appreciate once you become a parent. I started Crazy mom quotes as a way to document the things that started coming out of my mouth once I had kids, but it has further developed into a forum for documenting many different aspects of parenting, and specifically, the mothering experience.

Crazy mom quotes exists as a way to document all of the crazy things we hear, say, think and do during this journey. I am committed to keeping it real and unfiltered. I often use humor to deal with challenges, and I find that a community of like-minds coming together always helps tough things to feel more manageable. I am hoping that this site provides some much needed laughter, distraction, connection, reassurance, and comaraderie for all!

Being a mom is such a huge, wonderful, exhausting, beautiful, crazy, stressful, challenging responsibility! I invite you to come here to share in that with me.

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